The Art Of Laces With Bondi Laces

Bondi Laces have been created for dapper gents with impeccable styles that take pleasure in the details. Each pair of colourful shoelaces has been reinforced with copper tips in silver, gold or rose gold. Combining these indestructible tips with a 10-year guarantee Bondi Laces has produced the best shoelaces a gentleman can buy.

Their vision is to give everyone the power to express themselves with confidence. Bondi laces live and breathe the value of providing a quality accessory that is versatile and doesn’t fall short of style and stands the test of time. What distinguishes them from others is not only do they have the largest range of SKU’s of any premium shoelace brand on the market but they offer a 10-year guarantee on all laces purchased because it’s the most premium laces you can buy on the market.

They want to see a change in this perception and push the norms of function vs aesthetic and want to shift this to function and aesthetic. A little comes a long way and every detail big or small can transform a whole look. There are no set rules on how you can wear your laces, if anything pushes the boundaries, set trends and innovate, the world is your oyster.

Bondi laces were inspired by the need and demand for quality accessories that are durable, and stylish and add value not only for the consumer but for all. Their objective was to create shoelaces that would outlast the shoes. It has been perceived for quite some time that things that originally served as a functional purpose could not incorporate an aesthetic feature as well and because of this, shoe laces were overlooked as an accessory.

The art of laces is limitless and it begins here with Bondi laces with an irresistible range of styles, colours, patterns and widths. The dress laces are thin round polyester laces specifically designed with both quality and style in mind. Reinforced with a dual nylon core, you’ll never have to worry about your laces letting you down. The tips of the laces are made of copper, which is both rustproof and virtually indestructible.  They’ve been tested and can hold up to 60kgs each.

]Oxford dress shoes are commonly paired with thin-lightly waxed laces that match the colour of the shoe but we propose that you pair a classic black Oxford with Bondi Lace’s sky blue laces which are sophisticated yet whimsical. Steer clear of highly shiny shoes with mismatched laces as they start to look a bit too novelty. When changing your laces, take a second look at your jacket buttons too. Find laces that compliment the buttons or match them to give an overall harmonious look without it coming off as a random selection. Gold buttons on a suit can also be nicely paired up with the navy laces that evidently sport the gold tips.

Oxfords, brogues or desert shoes are the perfect shoes for dressing up or down with pastel, bright and patterned shoelaces that add class and flair with a touch of your attitude to complete any outfit. Contrasting colours of olive and navy married with linen suits are a match made in heaven. If you want to be a bit more daring and lean towards the casual look, add some sneaker laces to your oxfords like the pair of bondi blueemu grey or merino white.

When looking at the finer details, consider not only the function. Delve deep and really explore how the aesthetic can create another unique aesthetic within itself. This can be explored and established through the art of lacing or different lacing methods. A few notable lacing methods that can transform the mediocre to the not-so-ordinary include gap lacing, chevron lacing and roman lacing. The gap lacing method will need longer laces and the bootlaces are the perfect length for the more plain oxfords that are focusing on the finer details.

The gap lacing for boots would suit a pair of bluebottle laces as it features dual colours of baby blue and dark purple. The colours are contrasting but at the same time, the pattern is simple enough to complement the slightly more complex pattern that is made from the gap lacing style. This style of lacing relieves pressure from the feet and allows more flex, not only does it look good, it feels good.

The chevron lacing looks like separate sections of criss-cross lacing and displays shoe lacing, forming upright and inverted chevrons similar to those on military or police uniforms. The chevron lacing is more for a decorative look but the design allows for the upper half of the boots or shoes easier to get in and out of but at the same time is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The chevron lacing would be most suitable with a pair of Bondi Lace’s great barrier reef laces. It is predominately dark blue with small pops of green to compliment this style of lacing.

Lastly, the roman lacing alternates between X-I-X-X on top of the shoe, which looks little like roman numerals. It’s most effective on dress shoes where the sides of the shoe meet in the middle. This decorative look is slightly harder to tighten and will need more shoelace length but because it’s more suited for dress shoes than boots it’s the perfect lace for the pattern and would look more stunning with a pair of our union jack or Uluru red laces.

One common issue we know that many people get from wearing shoes is when the laces untie and it’s usually because people tie their shoes laces incorrectly. Here is a short video, showcasing how to tie your shoelace properly so it doesn’t untie, you can thank us later.

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