The Masterpieces of Time – FW 22 by Ted Baker

What a lot of people don’t know is that time is just a concept

What a lot of people don’t know is that time is just a concept, a concept worth more than gold. A non-spatial continuum that, although a lot of people don’t know about, everyone knows about.

For centuries man perfected the concept of time. From dials back in the old days, Ted Baker, the luxury British lifestyle brand, belongs to the group that evolves the very concept of time. Making their own line of the most iconic time concepts, Ted Baker is delighted to announce the launch of its FW22 Timepiece collection with four designs that are sure to mesmerize women with its unique feel that comes from its details and will surely catch that eloquent yet stylish feel.

The Fitzrovia Bumble Bee a 34mm cylindrical watch with its four variants with its signature bee design.

Caine with a 42 or 44mm manly sophistication giving a strong eloquently rogue feeling.

Phylipa Gents that ranges from 41 to 43mm, that gives an artistic sophistication with it’s wide range of colors.

If it’s the time of your life where you feel you need more sophistication and a better image, Ted Baker has always proven to be a good line to start with and to stay with for years to come. They are one of the brands fueled by the Timex Group that gives you that thwarting advantage and the very definition of stylish time. 

Catering to a global market together with other companies, Ted Baker surely tickles the mind of one who is bespoke, always delivering a vast range of colors and designs tailored to give you the comfortability and flexibility you always look for in a watch.

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