Leather, is it too Baggy?

One material that has stood the test of time is leather, used since man first had a fashion sense. Thanks to the ancient Greeks back in 500 B.C.E. the ancient dapper gent had a similar version of the leather we are accustomed to today. Leather has passed through the tests of time to being one of the top materials in fashion today.

Leather is a natural material and therefore will age with you, and if you treat it right can last a lifetime, some even say that leather looks better with age if only the same could be said for our leathery skin.

 Leather can take many different shapes and forms. Depending on your taste you may want your leather to look like a polished surface or to show natural flaws and differences. The finish you receive is based on a few different variables. 

For a polished look, the leather will be corrected of the natural flaws; the surface of the leather is sanded and then coated to give the impression of a smooth, even finish. A style of finish coming back into fashion is the natural look. 

The leather will show the animal skin, meaning all the natural fibres and flaws are shown.

When choosing leather accessories it is also important to note design qualities. The best accessory is going to fit your functional requirements whilst still showing off your aesthetic style. 

This fits in well with All the King’s Men’s ethos hidden behind their ‘aircraft rated assy strength’, an ideal from the aviation industry of a simple well-designed object with a form factor that will last thousands of miles.

Most leather today is used for shoes, however, this article is focusing on another leather item that is both stylish and functional – bags. As the #EDC trend becomes more popular the modern gent is carrying around more and more: laptops, phones, cables, power banks, keys, wallets, the list goes on. 

That is why an essential for the modern dapper gent is a bag. In days gone by, the humble briefcase reigned king, however, in this modern era, the dapper gent needs something with a little more room to give or something a little sleeker.

 If you are wanting the latter a document holder is perfect for you, with enough room to fit all your essentials without having to carry around a bag all day. However, if you feel you need a little more space, an ideal bag should still leave you feeling unencumbered whilst having the storage functionality you need. 

A key interest piece is a satchel, often donned by Mike Ross from Suits, an excellent example of this satchel style is All the King’s Men’s Modern Satchel. A great way to customise your satchel is to put a leather strap on it, that way you are able to highlight your suit wear.

Another alternative to leather for a rugged yet sophisticated look is the canvas. Another ancient material, the canvas is both lightweight and extremely durable. 

A dapper gent can look equally suitable in both leather and canvas; both of them have amazing ruggedness and durability, but why choose one over the other? Canvas is optimum for weight and budget; it is lighter than leather and usually more affordable – usually, because the high-quality canvas is often as expensive as leather. 

However, good quality leather is more durable than canvas but more expensive. In the end, it depends on your style and function. Canvas is more casual, and functions better in situations like beaching. 

Leather on the other hand has a more refined aesthetic appeal and would accompany suiting attire better. For a cross between casualness and suit style, try a leather duffel bag. 

With a general shape but no structure, the duffel bag is great for the gym or a weekend bag, without looking out of place if you take it to the office.

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