Grain Bar Introduces An Espresso Martini Mashup

Located below the famous Four Seasons Hotel in the heart of The Rocks, Circular Quay, Grain Bar is all about the fine craft of drinking. Known to be one of the city’s most well-stocked and well-known whisky bars, Grain Bar also has an extensive menu of boutique beers and uniquely-crafted cocktails

We previously visited Grain Bar for the launch of The Bespoke Whisky Tumbler for Chivas Regal 18[

For the month of November till the end of December, Grain Bar has exclusively created a special menu showcasing an unexpected twist on Sydney-siders favourite espresso martini, the mashup consists of eight cocktails.

We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Alec Hingston, the bartender and brainchild behind this mashup.

D: How did you come up with this range of new cocktails?

A: I wanted to combine flavours in new ways that people may not have thought of before, and combine techniques and ingredients that leave a memorable experience for our guests.

D: How long did it take you to come up with 6 new cocktails which were all around the original espresso martini?

A: Between developing the concepts and the process of trial and error, it took around four weeks to complete the espresso martini mash-up menu.

D: Which one’s your favourite?

A: The Forest Fruits Martini is my favourite. It was the first one that I came up with, even before bar manager Roderick Boerma tasked me with designing the menu, as I was already experimenting with adding wine to cocktails to add an extra layer. I love it because it’s rich and decadent but still sweet enough to make you want another one

D: Which cocktail would you introduce to someone that has always been drinking espresso martini’s and wants to try something new and why?

A: I would introduce the Mezpresso Martini. Its strong coffee taste combined with the smokiness of Mezcal will be familiar to espresso martini drinkers but has a bit of a kick to it.

D: Which cocktail would you recommend to someone who has never tried an espresso martini before?

A: I would recommend the Forest Fruits or Mocha Martini. The Forest Fruits Martini provides a nice introduction to espresso martinis, but is also approachable in its flavour, while The Mocha Martini, introduces the guest to espresso martinis in a unique way, which will hopefully leave a lasting impression

D: Lastly, which cocktail would be perfect for a gentlemen’s night out?

A: I think the old-fashioned is a staple for good reason. It is a classic cocktail, designed to be sipped and thoroughly enjoyed

Be quick to try one or a few of these uniquely created mash-ups because they are only available until 24 December 2017.


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