The DNA Behind George and Kings Tailored Shirts

Ever since George and King was founded in 2012, every man now had access to clothing that was sustainably sourced, ethically produced and perfectly fitted without costing a small fortune.

In many ways, their values and visions align with our very own, As Dappertude believe that the right tailored shirt and the right accessories can help a man’s self-confidence manifest in an incredible and powerful way.

That feeling of a shirt tailored specifically for a man, helps them step into the realm of gentlemen’s chivalry in class, dress and character. Tailored shirts have come a long way, and given it’s such a competitive market with many players out there, it speaks volumes about George and King‘s success as an authority on the made-to-measure and tailored spectrum.

Our recent visit to their showroom as we purveyed their wares let us experience what their customers experience: a meticulous open space exhibit that exudes an energy of mature vintage chic that customers immediately embrace as they step through.

Rather than making our own conclusions in what is evidently a clear message that having a tailored shirt is what sets the boys apart from the men, Alan Hong, Dappertude Strategic Director spoke with G&K Operations Manager Nikolas Britton to get an insight into what runs through the DNA of George and King and their beautiful tailored shirts.

AH: Hi Nikolas, what’s the process of a customer coming into GK to get their 1st tailored shirt?

NB: After the customer books an appointment to meet with one of our stylists for a one-on-one consultation, we go through what has brought the customer to MTM, what problems they have with off-the-rack shirts, what’s their main use for the shirt and what their version of a well-fitting shirt is. After this, we will go through the fabrics and work out what will best fit their current wardrobe and lifestyle.

Then we discuss the styling options available, we will suggest which collars and cuffs would look best on the customer’s shape and how they will wear them.

Then comes the simple part.. the measurements. Each of our stylists has been trained to take measurements and create a garment that best fits what has been discussed.

AH: Great, I can see it’s far more involved than the average customer would envision when they get their 1st tailored shirt which just shows the level of care G&K goes through. What do customers most enjoy about their experience coming to GK?

NB: The customer service experience is when each of our stylists has a strong interest in fashion and have many years of experience, meaning that you if you are unsure about something they will be able to guide you. Especially, as we are by appointment, you have guaranteed one-on-one time with our stylists to ensure you leave happy.

AH: In regards to the design and look of the showroom, what feeling is the client supposed to have? What do you want their 1st impression to be?

NB: Our showrooms are welcoming and inviting. We have couches, samples of our work and best of all drinks. We want our customers to feel relaxed during the decision process so they can make the right decisions.

AH: Thanks for running through what makes G&K so unique. Nikolas, during your time at GK what prompted you to get into tailoring?

NB: I have always had an interest in fashion but have struggled to find clothes that fit due to my build, so have learned over the years about altering clothes to fit and not really being happy with the final product. However now, I not only get clothes to fit, but I can customize what the garment looks like.

AH: Why did you pick GK to build your career

NB: Because G&K are always trying to make sure they are delivering the best product possible, whether it be based on market trends, introducing new product lines, or even just something to make the customer’s life easier.

AH: I would say being a customer there myself, I would have to agree. What do you enjoy most about working at GK?

NB: Simple Alan. We have a great team, everyone is always helping each other.

AH: Finally onto the products themselves… I noticed accessories (Bow ties, pocket squares). When pairing them with a shirt, what recommendations do you have?

NB: My rule is always, the majority colour of the shirt is the minority colour in the accessories.

AH:  When they come in asking for a shirt, do you already have an idea of what looks good or do you leave that entirely up to them?

NB: I usually establish very early what would best suit them and then give them options based on that.

AH: Thanks for your time Nikolas and all the best with George and King. We look forward to your next creations!

NB: You’re welcome Alan!

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