Meticulo: Appreciation Within Acceleration (Giveaway)

In adolescence, you probably remember your parents instilling in your sponge-like mind that you are like no other. They are 100% right and your DNA showcases it exceptionally well. From your eye colour to your hairy or hairless chin, to your broad shoulders, to your small waist or slender legs or long torso, you’ve all been made differently.

As a Dapper Man, a gentleman, a misfit (an occasional troublemaker), you all love a good suit that most importantly fits and accentuates your figure. But isn’t it funny how suits don’t ever seem to fit right? (We’re sure all you gents can relate). That’s because suits now have been mass produced and sizing has been standardised.

The market for customised suits already exists but we all know it’ll cost you an arm and a leg. What if we told you it no longer will? (Drumroll please) It’ll cost you some fingers that’ll type in letters to spell M-e-t-i-c-u-l-o. Hit that enter button on the Google browser and let’s get started

Meticulo’s suit collection enhances this link in wonderful new creations that strike a perfect balance between contemporary style and elegant classicism. Tapping into that niche market of customisation and providing a clear solution for us time-poor gents is a dream come true. For this, we salute you Amanda Tai (Founder)!  

Finding a new and effortless form of self-expression has been made simple and easy with Meticulo. How to go about it? Here are their Dapper fours:

Step 1: Send Them A Raven Or Owl

Or you can up an appointment via their website. They come to you!

Step 2: Let’s Get Digits

You’ll be measured and have a range of styles and fabric swatches to choose from.

Step 3: Say I Do

Once all the details are finalised your measurements are sent off and will be ready in 3-4 weeks.

Step 4: It’s A Celebration

The day has finally come! Your suit is ready. They’ll contact you to organise a final fit to ensure it’s the perfect fit. Finito, take a bow!

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