2022 Sneaker Peak – Bared Footwear

Footwear has always been a basic essential. Evolving from natural materials from the olden days where the world has watched them evolve into a wider variety in today’s world. Very few know the true value of footwear but buy them just the same as it is marked as essential in today’s world. From the simplest flip flops to the most complex of professional wear. Today, sneakers are always a must-have in your closet because of its comfort and durability. It is also considered the universal footwear that you can simply use, weirdly enough, on every occasion. Some people even get married wearing sneakers! 

Bared Footwear was terribly busy revolutionising its business and stretching their limits to boundlessly help more people in 2022. Pouring more efforts in sharing more to others and developing a deeper partnership with The Hunger Project Australia and donating $50.00 for every Hornbill THP Sneaker sold to help per shoe donation to their village partners from Nsondole, Malawi to help them reach self-reliance. Selling 7,380 THP sneakers and raising a total of $369,000 and counting!

Philippe Magid, CEO of The Hunger Project Australia said “We are very proud of the incredible, long-standing partnership we’ve created with Bared Footwear. The Bared team are exceptionally committed to having a positive impact on the world and shares our vision of creating a more equitable world free of hunger and poverty.” 

“We do this by giving remote communities in regions like Africa the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to break the poverty cycle themselves. We identify and build community leaders, then enable them to unite and transform their village through education, agriculture, better health, and strong local businesses. Over the past 4 years, Bared has proudly supported the Nsondole community in Malawi and we are thrilled to announce that this community has now reached the historic milestone of Self-Reliance. This means the community of 23,248 people are determining their own futures, free from intervention, and free from hunger and poverty. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the entire Bared team and their loyal customers for your support of The Hunger Project’s mission to sustainably end world hunger and poverty.”

We also applaud them for their further efforts to help globally by introducing more materials that are kinder to our earth by launching their Platform footbed which is made from 72% plant-based materials, USDA Certified Biobased) with a carbon footprint of 3.85kg CO2e, reducing CO2 emissions by 70% compared to traditional petroleum-based footbeds.

Adding more to their eco-friendly efforts, Bared Footwear also launched their first Vegan Sneakers. A knit upper crafted from recycled plastic, the Jinzo features 40% sugarcane outsole, a slip-resistant sole crafted from a blend of natural rubber and is fitted with recycled cotton laces. A multi-faceted shoes that will surely give you a better day everyday knowing that you are also helping our earth with every time you wear this very revolutionized shoe.

We are proud of them for helping so many people by donating $45,000 to GreenFleet, $23,610 to Children’s Ground, $10,000 up NSW and QLD floor victims and partnering with TerraCycle, a global waste management company that collects and repurposed traditionally non-recyclable waste.

Recycle with Bared Footwear and bring your used shoes, may it be Bared or not. Help with their efforts as we recycle them into rubber mats, and they are repurposed for retail flooring. Recycling 10,640 since 2019. 

Truly a master of their art, we celebrate them for all their efforts, and we hope you also join them in their journey. Visit them at any of their store locations here.

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