A Different Type of “Scotching” this Christmas – Glengoyne

Uisge Beatha, the Gaelic term commonly undersrtood as the “water of life”, Scotch as we know it today, was created and famous during the 15th century in Scotland which widely spread out to monasteries in Europe. It is how people during these times, would sit down, have a drink and get a sort of a more mature understanding of things without being clear. The concept has a very good sense of mature humor.

Most people collect scotch in a very fastidious manner getting every single details for every single bottle they keep in their collection. The more details they get, the more valuable a bottle becomes. The more aged they are, the more valuable they become. It;’s a simple truth.

It is a tradition that we take out the most expensive bottle in our collection to celebrate, in a greater sense, a festive event or an achievement as a silver lining, after all the hard work and efforts we all put in.

This Christmas, Glengoyne has released their Limited Edition Glengoyne Single Cask from The Russell Family Cask line. Made from 36 years of wisdom and knowledge on hand-selected sherry barrel that was personally selected by 3 generations of IMD owners – Peter after sampling cask number 1549, Leonard and Tom. With an ABV of 50.7% and a fantastic smell of light strawberry and lime sherbet, gentle mint, lemon meringue pie, stewed apples, coconut, sweet cinnamon and leather. It also brings a distinct Silky and rich, creamy with a charming dustiness with tropical fruits, dried banana chips and chocolate cherry to the pallet with a rich gently sherried and spicy finish.

With only 402 bottles released worldwide, Swift & Moore received 35 bottles of this rare-release prized whisky priced at $6,200.

Over the rare release, Glengoyne also brings into it’s fine line a soft oak and brazil nuts brewed for 10 years at $95.00, a 18 year old sherry brew for $225.00 and the very fine 21 year old bottle for $299.00.

Cameron Crowley, the Managing Director of Swift & Moore, humbly stated, “We are so honoured to be able to sell this glorious and exceptional whisky. It is a tribute to the Russell family’s commitment to excellence and a paragon of what can be achieved using the finest whisky-making craftmanship. We know that those who are lucky enough to taste it will experience pleasure in its perfection,”

To grab one of what remains of the 35 bottles of  Limited Edition Glengoyne Single Cask and other Scotchy treats hop over to www.swiftandmoore.com.au

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