The Comeback of Double Breasted Suits in Kingsman The Golden Circle


Good things always come in pairs just like the release of the new movie Kingsman The Golden Circle. With the world in danger, held under hostage and a terrible fate the Kingsman headquarters just faced, what are the remaining members to do?

Assemble, suit up and find new allies. The discovery of a spy organization of Statesman in the United States tests their strengths and accomplishing their mission in style is nothing short of Eggsy style. Not only do they act the part they even dress the part designed by Savile row tailored suits with bench-made shoes from George Cleverley of the Royal Arcade. An English wardrobe for the dapper gentleman not to mention with a pinch of southern touch.

Double up this season with the comeback of the double breast. The double-breasted jacket was introduced in 1911 and is intertwined throughout Kingsman. Traditionally the double-breasted jacket was not a tailored fit but is renowned for its durability and warmth. The Jacket has been fashioned to have a functional design of having the option of buttoning left side over right or right side over left with an additional anchor button on the inside to secure the second layer.

The double-breasted jacket features wide peak lapels accentuating the chest and shoulders and is more suited for tall and slender men. Although the jacket has been tapered for a tailored look and a better fit but due to the extra width of fabric, it allows for flexible movement. Subtle patterns of pinstripes and checks are vaguely visible against the strong masculine colours within the suiting.

Predominantly the double-breasted suits featured in Kingsman are made with natural fibers of wool, blended with mohair, occasionally silk, linen and luxe silk. Winter hues of navy, grey, blue and light grey are also showcased and accessorized with eccentric patterned ties, classic bows and unique pocket squares. Lead and not follow this season by keeping an eye out on bespoke double-breasted jackets that are opposing to the traditional ones mentioned. Always take into consideration of fit and experiment with a combination of a double-breasted jacket paired with a single-breasted coat for a nice dapper feel.

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