New Year, New You – New Skin Regime For Gents

Clearer skin, minimal products and simple steps – it’s no longer a daunting task for a Dapperman. We’ve searched high and low to find a product worth mentioning. Introducing Anna Mitsios – Founder of Edible Beauty (also a naturopath and nutritionist). 

Let’s start with what’s in these products – certified organic ingredients, native herbs, good enough to eat and safe for all male skin types. It’s pure – free from unnecessary chemicals, artificial fragrances, silicones, benzyl alcohol, and synthetic dyes, all of which are prone to irritating eczema-sensitive skin. Your complexion is a direct reflection of what you put on and in it – you are what you eat. We want to help you transition from ‘who’s that guy?’ in front of the mirror to ‘who’s that handsome bugger?’. Edible beauty offers a range of teas that compliment their skincare range. Packed full of antioxidants it promotes potent therapeutic and regenerating actions. 

As you get older you’ll discover that your body doesn’t bounce back like it used to. You’re starting to get a bit of a beer belly, crows feet are forming from all those late nights in the office. Don’t be a nitwit and put in a bit of effort for yourself – you’re the man!

Why else are we intrigued by this brand? The skincare range is packaged in recyclable dark violet glass chosen for its unique ability to preserve the integrity of natural products that extend their shelf life – ingenious. 

Refills are available for the entire tea range but here’s a pro tip – too lazy to find containers for small things like the sugar in your morning coffee? Clean out the glass jar and put in sugar instead. Adding a bit of class to that dapper lifestyle of yours without the extra cost. Thank us later.

Still no clue? Have no fear, Dappertude is here! In educating some very clueless men out there, here are the products we’ve tested, recommended in the options and in chronological order of the steps they should be used

Option 1: 

Acne Prone/Sensitive Skin Regime 

Option 2: 

Dry/ Combination Skin Regime 

Option 3:

Pick Me Up – Youthful Looking Skin Regime

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