Gentlemen Also Need Facials – Adilla Barbers

Admittedly, we were never interested in receiving facial treatments whilst having our fortnightly haircuts. It wasn’t anything that has ever intrigued us, but this immediately changed after we visited our friends at Adilla Barbers. We were extremely impressed. Located at Double Bay, Adilla barbers is a unique barbershop, offering impeccable services, not seen elsewhere in Sydney. We will go on to strongly recommend you the Adilla Escape, a true escape from reality, where you indulge yourself in complete relaxation and rejuvenation. And if that isn’t enough, there is also the Adilla Colab Hair Salon for the ladies.

We went in to come by our usual haircuts. But we must all admit that going to a new barber can make you feel sick in the stomach, not knowing if you’ll come out an hour later looking the same, or completely different. It’s a make-or-break deal. Rest assured, this was certainly a ‘make’. As we sat with the gentlemen at Adilla Barbers, there was not a speck of distrust or doubt. We were definitely pleased by the professionalism and the service provided by Andreas and Reece. Not only did we get the exact haircuts we wanted, but also received the most jaw-dropping facial treatment.

From the scented moisturisers and exfoliating creams to the detail massaged around the face, there wasn’t a single moment where we did not feel relaxed and calmed. But the real standout for us was the steam machine directing warm steam onto your face, whilst engulfed by a hot towel. This feeling is the only one you can understand when experiencing it through the Adilla Escape offered by our friends.

But what makes a facial treatment so special?

Apart from feeling great on the skin, there are many health benefits of receiving a facial treatment. These benefits include increased circulation around your face, removal of the dirt, grime and oil trapped between your pores, clearing up your skin, and eventually, leading to a smoother shave. The Adilla Escape does all that, and it does it right.

Book your treatment over at, or simply call the gentlemen to experience your true escape from reality today.

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