A Gentlemens Shave – Dollar Shave Club

As an individual who needs to maintain facial hair three times a week, shaving comfortably and with ease is essential to growing and maintaining the perfect beard. Our friends at the Dollar Shave Club sent me a package featuring the executive shaving blade with four 6-blade cartridges and their iconic shave butter, the perfect introductory set to gentlemen looking to get into clean shaving.

Throughout time, bearded men and scientists have explored different shaving options, but shaving with a shaving blade has been the most effective for me. The executive shaving blade is a reliable and lightweight razor, allowing you to shave cleanly with ease. And if you have a beard like I do, it’s as easy as attaching a new blade cartridge in a matter of 2 seconds when you need to clean it up.

Shaving not only removes the hair on your skin safely but also plays a key role in your skincare. Shaving clears out the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, hence when you shave your face is left glowing. If these dead skin cells are not treated and they build up, they can lead to breakouts. The best way to avoid this is through shaving, and the consistent use of facial products.

As well to this, shaving also holds other benefits such as opening clogged pores on your face and allowing moisture to enter your skin. With winter around the corner, it is typical for gentlemen to grow their beards out, but this must be completed with care and detail. Using the goods designed by the Dollar Shave Club allows me to do just this.

Shaving and cleaning up your beard can be a worry, as you’re not entirely sure if you’ll get that perfect curvature you are after. With traditional shaving foam, this can become an even bigger issue believe it or not. Shaving foam expands on your face, and it covers areas that cannot be seen. What I love about the shave butter from the Dollar Shave Club is its transparency. You can see exactly what you need to shave, instead of risking it with a blind eye. It’s also extremely smooth on your skin and leaves behind a clean and organic fragrance.

The shaving process with the goods supplied by the Dollar Shave Club is of quality, comfortability, and value. Take care of your beard and avoid it from looking scruffy with the Dollar Shave Club today.

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