Focus More With Noise Cancellation Headphones – Denon

In times when everyone is somehow forced to stay home and find ways to occupy time, many turn to their favourite album or artist as a way to spend some good quality time. Some instead just want to avoid distractions while getting their stuff done for work! 

We always find it challenging to enjoy a good track with so much going on around us, from your partner watching tv to your noisy 12 years old who’s craving for your attention.

That’s why, in these challenging times, the latest noise-cancelling over-hear Denon headphones will help solve all these issues! Backed by countless years of research and engineering excellence, Denon knows perfectly the importance of delivering impeccable sounds, and most importantly, a unique experience. 

Trust us if we tell you that whatever the Japanese put their hands on, they do it just excellently! The Denon AH-GC30 will do just that! 

Crafted with the innovative FreeEdge Driver alongside premium materials, the GC30 will not only block your annoying distractions: they’ll immerse you into a whole new dimension!

It’ll almost feel like having your favourite artist playing at 1 meter away.

However, these headphones are not meant to just have them sitting at home. The AH-GC30 are also perfect for your daily commuting or simply on the flight to your next business meeting. The three modes of noise cancellation will ensure you’ll be at your peace of mind 24/7.

In addition to that the incredibly lightweight feel and dual microphones will make you feel at home when calling your loved ones on your way to work. The new ambient monitor means that you’ll also never be able to miss an announcement around you!

With the new AH-GC30, you just simply have it all! An incredible piece of craftsmanship, outstanding sound quality and the latest noise-cancelling technology!

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