The Whisky Glass Evolution and Giveaway

The story of the whisky drinking vessel dates back to the 16th Century, with a wooden cup called the quaich, derived from “cuach” – a Gaelic word that simply meant “cup”.
The design looked a lot like a shallow bowl, was constructed from wooden staves and had small handles on both sides.
Quaichs played an essential role at social gatherings. On arrival, guests were offered a quaich filled with Scotch whisky, the host proposed a toast, and then the Scotch whisky was consumed in its entirety. At the end of the evening, quaichs were refilled to provide a parting gesture, with the host once again proposing a toast.

It wasn’t until the 19th Century that the tradition of using a Quaich to drink whisky changed and a new whisky drinking vessel appeared.

The Whisky tumbler was and perhaps still is the most popular type of glass for drinking whisky. When you order a dram at a bar, that’s the glass most likely to be put in front of you and many whisky drinkers chose to use tumblers at home. A heavy-based crystal tumbler looks great, sits comfortably in the hand and is useful when it comes to housing ice and delivering that satisfying “clink”. Unfortunately, it isn’t any good for nosing. Tumbler’s wide rim and straight walls mean most of the aroma escapes the glass and your nose can only pick up a faint whiff of what your whisky actually smells like.

By the 1990s, interest in single malt whisky was booming, and the focus was placed on glasses that will focus on and enhance the aromas and flavour of the whisky.

The Snifter was the glass of choice. You may not have seen them behind bars but no distillery or blending lab is complete without them. They are the connoisseur’s choice and if you want to take your whisky very seriously you should probably consider owning one. But while a snifter is the best tool for nosing, it’s notoriously difficult to drink from and takes a bit of practice to master. If you don’t like to spill your whisky down the front of your shirt, you may want to stick to your Tumbler.

Then in December 2014, two Australian designers, Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner have come up with what they consider the perfect whisky glass. Looking to fine-tune the experience of savouring a good whisky, Denver & Liely have devoted hundreds of hours to refining, prototyping and ‘testing’ and have created the D&L Whisky Glass.

So how does the D&L Whisky Glass work?

The hand-blown shape of the D&L Whisky Glass combines the benefits of taste and smell associated with a traditional whisky snifter with the versatility and style of a classic tumbler.

The wide base maximizes the surface area of a standard measure, funnelling the aromas through the tapered body to the optimally sized opening revealing the whisky’s full character. The best glasses make you feel like you are closer to the beverage, without a deep-cut crystal or rounded, fat lips and the D&L glass does just that. It is sleek, it makes the whisky look amazing and most importantly, you get the best glass for the whisky without feeling like a snob.

The D&L is a beautiful piece of glassware that would take pride on many whisky shelves. Each glass is individually packaged in a solid, snug-fitting cardboard container that makes it easier for packing and travelling.

We’ve teamed up with the team at Denver & Liely to giveaway 3 hand blown Whisky glasses to 3 lucky whisky enthusiasts winners. 

Be in it to win it gents.

Good Luck

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  1. Quality glassware definitely add to the drinking experience! And I don’t mind a drop or two of Glenmorangie. Thank you

    1. Agreed Rowan, a most have glassware to explore the full dimension of your whisk(e)y without any compromise especially a good Whisky like the Glenmorangie.

    1. Totaly agree Tu Le and good luck with your entry. Hopefully, you will be one of many proud owners of the D&L Whisky Glass.

  2. Looks like an awesome glass. There’s been an abundance of modern designs for nosing glasses but this looks like the best of the bunch. Hand blown glass with very clear nosing properties!

  3. I don’t meant to stray, but I love good bourbon and Irish, scotch, I’ve tried so many blends and singles that I just can’t get on board.

  4. Really interesting glass! would love to drink my favourite Aberlour through it

  5. i love johnnie walker black label whiskey, goes down a treat and so smoothly after a hard days work.

  6. Great looking glasses. I could see myself drinking out of them with a nice drop of whiskey!

  7. A well aged whiskey deserves the proper vessel and these glasses are sure to bring style to the substance.

  8. I have purchased a Cornwall silver quaich last year as a gift for my husband and its lovely to share a drink of scotch whisky with him especially Old Pulteney 21. Love the history of anything Scottish and Whisky related!

  9. I would have to say ‘Starward Whisky’, an smooth, sweet Australian whisky.

  10. How gorgeous are these glasses and I love a whisky with my dad xo especially Old Pulteney 21.

  11. Would love to win some of these awesome whisky glasses to show off when entertaining friends and family! 😃

  12. Single malt is my favourite and it would taste even more perfect in one of these glasses.

  13. These uniqueness and timeless whisky glasses from Denver & Liely are perfect glasses and maximise excitement to enjoy any whiskey . I am sure that it is going to change my drink whisky time ever and beyond. Thank you.

  14. My husband loves nothing more than sipping a good Whiskey on ice on a Friday night and these Glasses are perfect.

  15. The packaging is perfect to take it with me when I visit some West Coast Scotland distilleries in June.

  16. My husband would love this glass! His favourite drop at the moment is a Glenfiddich

  17. Appreciating a fine whiskey, is absolutely dependent on the glassware it is drunk from. It enhances the senses; sight, smell and taste, evokes memories and provides the respect a good whiskey deserves.

  18. Hey Johnny , beautiful glass that’s carefully hand blown to the finest , definitely suits the best whiskey !

  19. Glen Breton 10 Year Old Ice from Canada is what Id like to christen these beauties with.

  20. A decent glass makes so much difference in my opinion to the experience of a good whiskey. It strikes me a bit funny that we will spent the mint on an exceptional whiskey, then drink it out of any old glass or in my mothers case vegemite glass!

  21. Talk about classy. A classy glass needs a light classy whiskey: Scapa for me, thanks.

  22. How sophisticated would you feel drinking some fine Whisky out of the D&L – so cool!

  23. That whisky glass looks fantastic. Would love to try a peaty Islay in that!

  24. I love my whisky but still haven’t found the perfect glass this could be the perfect one for a quiet night in with a good whisky.

  25. Talisker is the best single malt scotch whisky “made by the sea” and is only fitting that it is served in the best whisky glass by D&L.

  26. Would love another glass so my company can enjoy my whiskey as much as I do! @gr8_dane_ger

  27. While I love the smoothness of a Chivas Regal, I’m sure that this glass would make even Jack Daniels seem exceptional.

  28. A great drop requires a great vessel and these glasses are just beautiful. I love a whisky on the rocks and being Irish my preference is Bushmills

  29. My preference is for Irish Whisky but I think any whisky would taste superb in these glasses!

  30. Been wanting one of these fine vessels for far too long … time to get one … or three

  31. My Single malt whisky over ice
    Is a luxury for me, that’s rather nice
    lovey to sip and enjoy the smoky taste
    a leisurely Saturday evening in, enjoying without haste

  32. A great drop in a good glass, on the rocks full of flavour gives for a relaxing evening.

  33. The ultimate pleasure is to sit down in a recliner after a long Friday at work and put some quality headphones on with a tumbler of single malt aged whiskey over 2 large ice cubes and immerse yourself in your favourite album ( Queen’s Day at the races….. ATM )….pure bliss

  34. I love Monkey Shoulder but my husband have a bar full with scotch whisky. I’m sure he will be happy if I win this and place it in his bar. 😉

  35. It’s alway’s fine when Johnny comes to visit, whether he’s wearing Red, Blue, Green or Black…he’s alway’s a winner

  36. Shame I didn’t have these glasses last Friday. My single malt buddy and I opened and tried a nice range over a steak. Maybe for next time.

  37. nothing like the extra special feeling sipping a quality whiskey in a real special glass, nice warm fuzzy contented feeling of supping in quality

  38. Those glasses look beautiful, classy and sophisticated just like the whiskey that goes in them.

  39. Blue Label in an expensive glass makes me feel more ballin then I am, at least for a brief moment.

  40. One of these Denver & Liely hand blown Whisky glasses would be the perfect drinking vessel for top of the range Whisky. No cheap stuff would be allowed in one of these beauties!

  41. Whiskey from Glendalough because of its flavour,
    And because my ancestors used to be a close neighbour.

  42. I don’t care how good the aroma is, I’m never going to drink my whiskey out of a snifter. It’s just not right. But these glasses look just right, I’d love one of these glasses and so would my dad. I’d love a Talisker. Has always been my favourite, from the Isle of Skye.

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