Celebrate a well earned financial year in style with Bar M

To our Sydney-siders seeking the perfect evening to close out their hard-earned financial year, we have just the ticket. Bar M bar and restaurant has banded together with Ruinart’s acclaimed champagne house to offer the evening of the season.

Bar M’s luxuriously finished exposed brick warehouse, with a centrepiece gold bar, provides the magnificent setting for a five-course menu featuring the season’s finest seafood, with impeccable wine pairings. For those fortunate enough to have dined at Bar M, the atmosphere alone is truly special.

For this evening, restaurant goers can expect Bar M’s kitchen to reproduce their lauded, authentic, Neapolitan flavour throughout the bespoke menu, which will entail an appetiser, entree, pasta, main and dessert.

Paired with Ruinart’s R de Ruinart Brut, the appetiser showcases fresh Sydney Rocked Oysters. Continuing with a seafood theme, the entree features kingfish tartare with a fitting Ruinart’s R de Ruinart Brut. Not missing the chance to include a house staple, a house-made ink ravioli appears before a main of Patagonian toothfish, poached in fresh orange and lemon juice. Both of these are paired with a Ruinart Rosé and Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, respectively. Shortbread wafers with ricotta cream, fresh raspberries and a smooth Dom Ruinart, complete the menu

You’ll find the menu, annotated with the chef’s flavour here.

Often at times, the End Of A Financial Year is wrapped in angst as we prepare our taxes and ruminate on the successes and failings of the year passing. Whether a promotion at work, the development of a stronger relationship with a friend or family member, or discovering a new passion, it is important we take time to acknowledge and commemorate our personal progress, no matter how small.

With this said, we invite you to celebrate. Whether it be with a partner, friend or family member at Rushcutter’s Bar M., celebrate the wins and losses, the jubilation and the heartache, but most of all, celebrate with someone you love.

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