The Dappertude Way to Golf

Dappertude at Twins Creek
Rolling around Twins creek in a buggy

Four dapper gents set off to the green fields of yonder at Twins Creek Golf Course. In the wooden soaked changing rooms they realise something is amiss. The other men all around are copied and pasted; clad in the same beige pants and polo shirts, where is the individual dapper flair?

No plain polo police will stop these gents from donning their Peter Jackson suits. The gents immediately feel elevated, as if their dapper style gives them the confidence to play without fear. To be at their peak the dapper gents knew they not only had to have their dapper style but also the dapper attitude to match.

The dapper gents head out of the changing room two-by-two, grabbing the keys and revving up the golf carts, it is time to commence the fierce battle. They surveyed the luscious greenery of the Twin Creeks golf course.

The first hole is set; a dapper gent lines up his shot, a stunning drive down the fairway onto the green. The remaining three take their strokes as the round continues. The dapper gent is not afraid to take a proper stroke while looking his best. His tie makes no hindrance thanks to the Silver Key to Life Tie Clip, effortlessly counterbalanced by the Patrick Square.

The gents continue their round of golf and halfway through stop for a short break. It is time to strategise and rehydrate with their Kabi water bottles before continuing to play on this heated green fairway.

Playing through in their dapper wear the game begins to heat up, who was going to win? The air became electrified with the tension between the gents each stroke was another battle for glory each putt a conquering of terrain.

Finally, it comes down to the last hole, the final putt. All the gents are well within reach but one has to come out on top. With the wind blowing through the fabrics, the dapper gents buttoned up for their last shot at victory. The first putt was short, the second off skew, and the third amazingly close but it was no match. The fourth gent had it in the hole!

Delighted with success he shouted in victory, today he had conquered not only his style but the field of play as well. The remaining three competed for the remaining standings; no one wants to come in last.

Finally, the round was done, congratulating the winner the dapper gents smirked in admiration. Once again the golf carts were put into top gear; a new competition had emerged.

Returning back to the change rooms the dapper gents depleted their Kabi water bottles and called it a day. Victory for one, and a slight disappointment for others but the dapper gent knows that the game is never truly over.

Get Ready Melbourne for The Dappertude Seminar

Get Ready Melbourne for The Dappertude Seminar


Hidden in the Valleys, Australia’s Prized Jewel – Wine

Hidden in the Valleys, Australia’s Prized Jewel – Wine

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