God’s Gift To Mankind – Truffle Lounge By Kingsleys

For thousands of years, truffles have captivated people from around the globe. Could it be because of the dazzling, irresistible aroma or the rarity that continues to draw generation after generation to this delicacy? 

A kilo of these black pearls of the earth will cost you a dapper suit 10 times over but the taste is highly unique and is definitely worth the hefty price tag. The word truffle (subterranean mushrooms) comes from the Latin word “tuber” meaning outgrowth. Funny enough truffles are often found within the living roots of Oak, Hazel, Chestnut and Beech Trees. 

There is a myth that a farmer once saw his pig eating the roots of a tree but as he approached the pig to his amazement he realized it was wild mushrooms. Highly sceptical and unsure of this new discovery, the farmer waited and watched the pig for several days to ensure it was not poisonous. 

With no sign of illness, the farmer concluded that it was safe to try. He believed that they held special healing powers for eternal health to the mind, body and soul. Due to the aroma and flavour, truffles were seen as having exotic qualities, which are reminiscent of aphrodisiacs. The farmer claimed that the truffles aided with his inability to have a child with his wife and resulted in them having thirteen children (seashhhhhh that’s a full house). 

These rare gods’ gift to mankind grow both in the summer and the winter. Fortunately for us, Australian’s who can’t handle the colder months and have separation anxiety from our beautiful beaches now have something to look forward to. It’s also a nice excuse to layer up and dine in that fancy suit you’ve hidden in the back of your wardrobe. 

We’ve been spoilt with choice and presented with only the finest this winter by none other than Kingsleys in Woolloomooloo.  Located in the more secluded and outer skirts of the city. Kingsleys is situated on the water and as you enter the Truffle Lounge instantaneously you’re transported back to Paris. 

Kingsleys x RSRV Maison Mumm; Bar à Truffes features a luxurious menu of rare French champagne, truffles and cocktails. Straight from the cellar of Maison Mumm, Mumm RSRV is a collection of exceptional and rare cuvée’s, previously only available to family and friends.

The infamous Winter Black truffle is the prize ingredient of chefs everywhere from five-star restaurants to sophisticated kitchens. There are many different opinions on the preparation of Winter Black truffles, there are some universally respected precepts:

  • Fats are the perfect pairing with truffles. It allows the flavour to take full form hence, why truffles are usually paired with fatty foods like foie gras, butter, cheese, cream, and oils. 
  • Pasta, rice, potatoes. Bland foods are a match made in heaven to really showcase the delicious flavour of the truffle.
  • To maximize the truffle flavour, use the least amount of the ingredient as possible (less is more). Carefully slice the truffle into paper-thin wedges or strips, and let them work their magic. Use a truffle shaver (similar to a cheese grater) when shaving truffles. As for quantity, typically use 8-10 grams of truffle per person.

Kingsleys Bar à Truffes Bar Snacks menu was immensely enjoyed in a 3-course fashion. 

Entree began with:

  • Parmesan & Truffle Fries
  • Truffle Cheese Gougère pair with MUMM RSRV BLANC DE NOIRS 2009
  • Roast Garlic Focaccia, Truffle Salami, Manuka Honey pair with MUMM RSRV ROSÉ FOUJITA

Mains followed by 

  • Whole baked camembert, truffle honey, 24 rosemary lavosh pair with MUMM RSRV CUVÉE 4.5
  • White Truffle Cacio E Pepe Pair with MUMM RSRV BLANC DE BLANCS 2013

Dessert delightfully ended with 

  • Twice Baked Souffle, Truffle Brillat-Savarin pair with MUMM RSRV BLANC DE NOIRS 2009

Kingsleys Woolloomooloo is the first venue in Australia to exclusively pour all four of the stunning Mumm RSRV cuvée’s in their winter Truffle Bar.

The Truffle Lounge will be open from;
Thursday – Saturday 5 pm-11 pm
Sunday 2 pm-8 pm | Live Acoustic Music 4pm-6pm every Sunday

Bon Appétit Gents!

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