Behind The Suit: Interview With Michael Vlassis

This month’s feature of “Behind the suit” is with Sydney-based tailor, Michael Vlassis of Woolcott St

Full name:
Michael Eric Vlassis


Personal Bespoke Tailor


What do you love about your occupation?
Meeting such a diverse range of successful people and finding solutions to those people’s individual and unique problems is a constant challenge and keeps me engaged every day.

What made you start your own business and what were you doing before that?
Good question, when my business partner and I realised that our current clients were receiving a good service and product but paying significantly more than they could’ve been felt wrong to us. We created Woolcott St. to provide the same product and service and an alternative product for these clients and to attract young ambitious guys who wanted to be part of a custom experience but didn’t have the financial ability. Also, I guess it’s pretty cool being in the Bambini trust building and having a glass of wine overlooking the park at our fingertips as well. Before starting in tailoring I was working in streetwear men’s fashion and hospitality for a few years, having those experiences I think they’ve prepared me massively for running a business and working and managing people’s expectations.

What’s your favourite suit and why?
Impossible to answer, as each suit for me has a story and represents a time in my life. I see each of the suits new or old as a piece of art and like a photo in time so they are all special to me. Having said that, my favourite cloth is Holland and Sherry or Reda. Two very different cloths one being British and one being Italian. My preference in cloth or style depends on my mood like if you want pasta or pizza, dessert or breakfast. There is a time and place for all these things, that’s the beauty of clothing.

What type of suit and material would you wear at your wedding and why?
Some really tough questions here! Super hard to answer as I’m torn between being extremely classic in a black tuxedo or a champagne jacket with black trousers & wearing something so over the top that no one would ever forget it. I guess I’ll find out should I ever get married.

What’s your weekend outfit like?
Completely opposite to what people see me wear during the week! often floating between a basic white oversized tee, black jeans, why chucks and a hoodie if I’m just chilling. If I’m going out I’ll smarten up fusing the two together maybe wearing a top coat, black jeans basic white tee and some suede loafers or boots. Again depends on my mood and I often dress for the situation or event that’s required.

Besides dressing well, what other aspects should a gentleman have? 

I think it’s all congruency and If you dress well you carry that level of expectation into other areas of your life, men, in my opinion, should be well-read, cultured, and have an understanding of the best bars and restaurants to take their clients, friends or partner. 

Who are the people that motivate you in your life?
I guess having external people you look up to could trigger motivations and sometimes I have these people, but to be honest I’m more motivated to create a legacy of someone who is exceptional at what I do and make myself and my family proud on the daily. 

What inspirational quote do you live by?
At the moment it’s ” Find a way ” this applies to every aspect of my life and business. I also have the slogan above my table ” Be a good human being “

What’s your go-to dish when you are cooking at home?
Easy, fettuccini pesto with chicken.

What’s your daily routine from when you wake up to before you go to bed?
Wake up, gym, listen to my usual podcast it is the MFCEO podcast, and write my goals. Get into the office around 7 am see clients and do all the behind-the-scenes work no one sees until around 6 pm-6:30 pm, wrap up the day that was and plan for the following day with the team. Dinner around 8 pm, maybe punch out a Netflix show or watch/ read up on my other obsession in my life which is football.

Favourite whisky, Vino or Beer and why?
Whisky = Aberlour 12 years for an everyday drink and if you can get your hands on it Sullivans cover award-winning whisky is something else! Beer Peroni or anything except for VB and Vino, anything you have on offer Ill probably drink.

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