The Travelling Gent’s New Best Friend – July

I’ll admit, as someone who makes close to a dozen flights a year, yet only just signed up for a frequent flyer program last week, my travel knowledge left much to be desired. Unfortunately, as a recent business trip proved, this lack of consideration went all the way down to my luggage. The trip in question to the United States left me with a VERY damaged suitcase – broken wheels and a cracked shell (thanks TSA) and at ground zero in the market for a new suitcase.

With too long to wait until the Boxing Day sales to snap up a discount suitcase, albeit, low quality (admittedly my first choice), I was left mulling the question, why does luxury luggage have to be so complicated?

First, there’s the price. Largely, the luggage industry operates through a network of third-party distributors and retail stores, meaning markups are a near certainty. This model ensures everyone wins except for the most important person, you! Luggage manufacturer July, knew this had to change. They created a seamless manufacturer-to-consumer delivery model and in doing so, cut out the middle man. As a result, July delivers luxury travel items at accessible prices. This consumer-first thinking extends to customer service wherein both free shipping Australia-wide and a 100-day-risk-free trial bookended by a lifetime warranty come standard.

Accessibility concerns abate there was now an even bigger question to address: In a crowd of luxury luggage players, what makes a suitcase a suited traveller’s best friend? Obviously, design and the latest tech are both forefront considerations. Beyond this, however, there’s the underlying and less quantifiable element of style.

The July’s carry on lightweight, aerospace-grade polycarbonate shell adorned by Anodised aluminium bumpers ensures your possessions arrive safe and sound. Their ergonomic multi-stop handle adjusts to your height, while the silent 360-degree swivel wheels make effortless transit the norm. Problem-free packing courtesy of a unique Y-strap compression system and an enclosed laundry bag tick all the boxes when it comes to luggage design.

Continue to rethink everything a suitcase should offer to the discerning traveller, July cases come equipped with an ejectable battery. Travel without device downtime is assured, thanks to both laptop and smartphone charging by way of USB and USB-C charging docks. And yes, this battery is compliant with stringent airline and airport safety regulations.

From takeoff to touchdown, the modern-day travel experience is nothing short of a marriage of comfort and style. Whether for business or pleasure, travel presents aunique opportunity for everything from new ventures to personal discovery and growth. When it comes time to pack your bags, July’s considered luggage design is not only an extension of your personal style, it is the beginning of your travel.

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