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So, you stand in front of your wardrobe and survey the contents, a special event is looming on the horizon and you’re looking for something special to wear.  This week, I’m on the judging panel for Miss Vietnam World Australia and I want to look at the right part of a judge.

As I flick through my options, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have absolutely nothing judge-worthy to wear. This suit is too businessy, these suits I’ve already worn to those other events and this one I accidentally tore a hole in the pants and haven’t had a chance to go repair them yet! 

It’s all getting a bit more stressful than it needs to be! I step back for a moment and consider what options I have? Go out and burn a whole in my wallet on a flashy new suit, or how bout just hiring one?

The women’s designer rental wear industry is currently booming in Australia, with so many dress-for-hire businesses out there, the ladies are spoilt for choice for that wear once and return the designer dress for weddings, events or just a night out on the town. 

Do these exist for men? The answer is yes! Luckily for us gents, in 2017, avid and stylish entrepreneur Joel Anthony combined his passions and founded Mr. Fierze – Australia’s very first men’s luxury designer suit hire boutique.

“I sought to see what was out there for men in terms of suit hire options in Sydney and online in Australia at the time, but the offerings were pretty stale and boring. I thought to myself that there must be other gents in the same boat as me, so i decided to take matters into my own hands. I purchased 20 suits from various places on my own and started posting on Facebook about this new concept. Little did i know that fast forward to a year later, I’d grow from 2 racks to a full-fledged showroom, boasting a loyal string of clientele, 150 designer suits, shirts, bow-ties, ties, pocket squares, lapels pins and more!”

Next step, a quick call to Joel, and I was scheduled in for my one-on-one styling session! 

My Experience

The idea of recycling or sustainable fashion is something I fully support. According to ABS stats, we Australians are the second highest clothes shoppers, consuming an average of 27 kilos a year and throwing equally as much away, which all ends up in landfill. So this concept of hiring your fashion is something that can help us reduce our impact on the planet.

With this in mind, I excitedly head to my appointment at Joel’s well-presented showroom. We discuss the occasion over some sparkling water and Joel’s asks what I’m feeling? I told him I’m feeling something rather classic and Schmick or maybe something a little out there! Two extremes really. Without hesitation, he smiles and like a Jedi suit master he confirms my size by just looking at me and he starts to pull some looks for me to try on. I’m spoilt for choice with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Trussard, Joe Black, Jack London to name a few.

After my movie montage of outfit changes from sequins to velvets, i decide I’m feeling the classic navy shoal collar jacket with the black tuxedo pants.With some added stylist touches, Joel pimps me up with a silver lizard lapel pin, a navy silk bow tie and a nice clean white pocket square which really elevates the whole look.

The hire also includes a fitting so that the suit pant and jacket look likes its a suit you own and ensures it hits you in all the right spots. Fit. Wear. Return. That simple! As my event is the next day I opt to have my suit couriered to my home and it arrives in perfect time. Everything is pressed and fitted and ready for me. As i put on the suit the stress dissipates and I’m ready to head off to the pageant and I definitely look the part!

I found the experience very simple and easy! From having the option to have my suit couriered out to me, to not having to worry bout dry cleaning (this is included in the suit hire). It was also a major plus having one-on-one session with a professional stylist to help you, especially if your not too sure about how to put an outfit together! 

Next time you have a suiting emergency, you know what to do! Hire from a range of designer suits for any occasion for a fraction of the retail price and if you really like the suit you have the option to buy it too! 

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