The Modern British Mens Style with Hardy Amies

Not all brands are created equal and that also includes male fashion. Until quite recently, the average Australian male attributed fashion and style to whatever their partners picked for them or a 2-for-1 deal off a rack in a retail store. But a vested interest in the sartorial side of life has created a demand for luxury menswear Hardy Amies, who have been given an opportunity to really help men embrace their dapper side.

As I said, not all brands are created equal as the Savile Row brand comes from the home of tailoring with an impressive heritage and class that is generally reserved only for the most astute and regal of individuals.

That said class is a choice, not a birthright as men are moving away from foodie Instagram posts and Facebook memes to not-so-subtle social media shares of their individual styles and their accessories like paint and brushstrokes on a canvas each unique to that person and all for like-minded gents to be inspired by and share.

As Aussie men continue to push for recognition as a nation of well-heeled and dapper lads, helping their colonial counterparts to rank above the general fold is Hardy Amies, with their signature style of British flair to make men’s fashion more fluid and dynamic which allows it since the 1960s to be as timeless as black and gold itself.

On that note, we speak to Hardy Amies Sara Bologna with 21 questions (metaphorically speaking) to find out for dapper gents everywhere what makes Hardy Amies so unique and yet synonymous with male sartorial design.

AH: What inspires Hardy Amies designs?

SB: At Hardy Amies, we are inspired by our British heritage and history on Savile Row. This season you can really see the influence of this history in our shirting range which features bold stripes and oxford weaves.

AH: What is your advice for someone looking for something dapper at Hardy Amies?

SB: We see our shirting range as foundation pieces for a man’s wardrobe, providing a luxury feel and finish to the 100% premium cotton shirts. We recommend men use them as a classic base and then to add some dapper accessories like our Italian silk ties or printed silk pocket squares. You definitely can’t go past our 4-way silk pocket squares for the ultimate dapper touch, ideal for that effortlessly elegant look.

AH: Where do you foresee formal wear designs heading?

SB: We see a return to classic details and a resurgence in traditional bow tie shapes. French cuff and stud closure shirts are also on the up. Men are embracing classic formal dressing and it’s a growing trend in the wedding market. Personally, we can’t wait to see more men embrace traditional formal wear.

AH: What would the go-to pieces be at Hardy Amies?

SB: Our go-to piece would definitely be the White Herringbone Business Shirt. It is one of our longest-running styles and continues to be a 9-5 favourite for Australian men. A staple piece for every man’s wardrobe; versatile to dress up or dress down.

AH: What’s your favourite thing across the Hardy Amies range?

SB: The patterned Italian-made silk ties are a personal favourite. The intricate weaves used in the woven patterns give them a unique look, incorporated with the full lining finish, cater for a perfect knot and smooth drape.

AH: What do you hope people will take away from their experience with Hardy Amies?

SB: When men wear Hardy Amies we like to think they gain confidence to express themselves sartorially. We hope they gain an appreciation for quality fabrics and finishes that are developed for easy care and all-day performance as well as comfort and style. We hope that it inspires them to embrace a little tradition in their modern lives.

AH: Why did you join Hardy Amies?

SB: Always having an interest in menswear, I was inspired to join Hardy Amies to add my creative vision to the brand’s heritage foundations. Using fabric and weaves that work harmoniously and that look and feel modern and classic. Always designing with the customer in mind and offering something new and interesting each season, whether it be a shirt, tie or pocket square to add a stylish piece to their wardrobe.

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