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Calvin Klein watches + jewelry is set to release its new Autumn/Winter 2017 line but how do you know whether you are making the right choice of accessory?

We will start off with the minimal design, as it is one of Calvin Klein’s original watch collections, celebrating twenty years in 2017. Surprisingly despite an older style, Calvin Klein has been able to keep it suitable for the modern gent.

The minimal design makes it a great all-day piece with the ability to transition between daywear and nightwear. The Calvin Klein minimal design is an excellent addition to your wardrobe since it does not have any loud features that will make you stand out yet with it on, your outfit will look more complete.

For a modern twist on a classic style go for the silver Milanese band with the navy dial. As we all know navy is one of your go-to colour options for suit wear, so this will pair greatly. However, do not feel that you have to match your watch dial to your suit, a watch dial can actually be a great contrast for your outfit and therefore the navy dial will pair well with even a yellow suit for the classic dapper look.

The Milanese band is perfect for the dapper gent wanting to show elegance every day. Generally, a Milanese band is the lightest metal watchband, therefore you can minimise the weight on your hand for daily wear without having to always choose a non-metal alternative. For a classic, dapper look make sure all metal in your outfit is the same colour; silver watch, silver belt buckle, silver tie clip.

If you want to go for a more contemporary look then go with the Calvin Klein minimal extension style. This is an excellent example of a classic design with a new modern look. By having a solid colour it makes it much easier to colour block and match it to multiple suit colours. Black will obviously give you the most versatile piece; however, for a more unique look go with the grey.

The Calvin Klein boost style comes with a two-tone dial showcasing coloured indexed hour markers. The boost also features a raised window, which allows light to shine onto the face of the watch, brightening the colours within. By having this burst of colour you are able to show both uniqueness and interest, however, try to manage the bursts of colours in your suit attire.

The red, blue, and green models are better suited for casual wear whereas the silver and gold will suit you in a more formal setting.

If you are new to the horology game, it is often hard to decide what is a good first choice. To help you we enlisted the advice of Van Nguyen, General Manager of Calvin Klein watches + jewelry. Her top pick for a starter watch is the city; a beautiful watch that you can have with a leather or stainless steel oyster band.

The dial design is simple yet unique, therefore you will not feel like your watch will be washed out in the crowd. When choosing between leather or stainless steel bands, the choice is ultimately about your personal preference. However, leather is lighter and softer to the touch, and stainless steel is heavier and deals better with moisture.

The cornerstone of most men’s watch collections is a chronograph, whether it is for the extra functionality or the aesthetic appeal. Now some gents may think of a chronograph and associate it with bulky dive watches. A chronograph is simply a watch with a stopwatch function, in most modern watches chronograph is synonymous with the three extra dials.

The city chronograph fits this dynamic with three extra dials as well as a handy date function yet still has a minimal clean look, all encased within 43mm.

It is important to note case sizing when choosing watches as your wrist size will either make the watch look ginormous or like a toy, however, this all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. If you want a general guide 35mm and less is small, 35mm to 40mm is medium, and 40mm plus is large, usually, you will fit into medium and then either small or large.

A useful feature of the city chronograph is the physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating. Essentially PVD is a process where metals are vaporised and then bound onto the watch in layers inside a vacuum. While the physics of it may be out of reach, what it means for your watch and why should take note of it is because it protects the metal of the watch meaning you will have a brand new looking watch for longer with long lasting colours.

Whenever discussing watches and quality Switzerland always comes up. Why? Because they set the standard that everyone follows. Calvin Klein has actually licensed to The SWATCH Group to manufacture and produce all of their watches.

This means that all of their watches are certified Swiss-made; adding a level of security for you knowing that the watch you are buying has real craftsmanship inside it.

This is not something we see often in fashion brand watches, and it is getting increasingly hard to have the “Swiss-made” label. At the start of this year, a bill passed in 2013 came into effect in Switzerland.

The purpose of this bill, to ensure that products bearing the “Swiss made” label did in fact have an appropriate level of Swissness. Therefore all watches produced post-2016, bearing the “Swiss made” label, have at least 60% of their production in Switzerland.

So you have a suitable idea of watches, now comes the rest. If you are new to the idea of accessorising with rings and bracelets you may be timid about trying. Calvin Klein’s new jewelry range has you covered.

The black and silver metals are used to allow you to keep a very masculine look. Again we enlisted the help of Van Nguyen, General Manager of Calvin Klein watches + jewelry, to guide a path for those wanting to accessorise more.

The easiest way to trial accessorising is with a bracelet. If you are already used to wearing a watch then the dapper and boost range helps greatly as the bracelets are stainless steel. Therefore you can imagine it as just a watch without a face. The new trend we often see our gentlemen following is to layer a bracelet with your watch.

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