Premium Asian brands from the comfort of your home – The Suitcase

In recent years, Asian boutique brands have become popular due to their quality of craftsmanship, reliability, and reputation as great artisans and tailors. This can be seen through many emerging brands which have gained popularity across the globe, from Yeossal to Mannergram.

But there is now a game-changer in Australia, giving all of us the opportunity to purchase premium products in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Introducing, The Suitcase – an online boutique providing exclusive products from Asian boutique brands.

The founders of The Suitcase, Johnny Li and Tom Chang, have brought together their passion for menswear as well as their cultural heritage, to curate the best brands from Asia for Australian gentlemen. These brands include Analogue Apotik, Amauri, De Piede, Yeossal, Tasteless Hat Co., and many more. Ranging from clothing to lifestyle accessories such as candles, fragrances, and more, The Suitcase is your go-to platform for purchasing some of the biggest names in Asia. The brands curated by both Johnny and Tom have been precisely selected to fill the voids and gaps in the Australian menswear realm. Inspired by their legacy, the founders of The Suitcase are avid supporters of supplying menswear and men’s accessories to the Australian menswear community.

So why Asia?

Asian sartorial fashion has become a significant driver today in the menswear community, as seen through its implementation in fashion across the world. The design and quality taken from Asian boutique brands are seen to be significantly eloquent, through attention to detail. Johnny and Tom noticed the fine quality and style of products coming out of countries such as South Korea and Hong Kong, yet they were priced at half or a quarter of the price of European brands. Sparking an idea in their heads, The Suitcase soon emerged as an online boutique for Australians.

The benefits of shopping with The Suitcase

Purchasing from a boutique like The Suitcase, you’re making a direct positive impact on the environment, and ensuring a better future for all of us. The impact of modern-day consumerism has become extremely devastating to our environment. But through purchasing with The Suitcase, you’re not purchasing products that are mass-produced, but rather products that are meticulously designed and created on a smaller scale. As well as this, all the packaging sourced for The Suitcase is compostable, which ultimately reduces waste in shipping and packaging materials. Through their promotion of environmental awareness, The Suitcase also plants a tree for every purchase made on their website. The collaboration with allows us as consumers to make a direct effect on the environment. The Suitcase is certainly a method of online shopping for brands of quality, that have no detrimental effect or impact on the environment, so enjoy guilt-free shopping!

Shopping with The Suitcase ensures that you are bringing a unique sense of Asian style into your wardrobe through its wide selection of ties, footwear, and other menswear products. If not with its wearables, what about a candle made in the traditional method of making a dim sum?

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