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Step into the small yet welcoming Off Chops Barbers store. The shop fashions glass doors from ceiling to wooden floor. Uniquely styled, it features three chairs that are blatantly different but subtly match. Crisp white subway tiles are highlighted against the occasional pop of wood that frames the walls. If you’re old-fashioned but love a modern twist, the aesthetic of this store is right up your alley. It’s hidden away like one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets. Across Hyde Park and behind the main city street is where this humble little pocket can be located. 

We live in a world where a fast-paced lifestyle is of the norm and convenience is of value. The finer details are often missed and we have forgotten to, as they say, “stop and smell the roses”. Founder Joseph Trinh is a classic man. He believes that barbering is an extremely personal service and experience. Although providing exceptional service is practised at the top of the priority list, building an everlasting relationship is what matters more. 

Joseph had practised the barbering profession over many years and realised that he had a passion for working with people. He immensely enjoyed mentoring and saw the real value of changing people’s lives. Off Chops Barber was established in 2015. They fade by using scissors over a comb, a technique that is slowly disappearing with upcoming barbers. The barbers at Off Chops master old-school Italian techniques with a combination of modern techniques that cater to the ever-changing hairstyles.

Joseph has kept it minimal and easy in terms of the products he has carefully selected for his clients. A first preference is the Layrite Natural Matte Cream.  

A lot of people want to have that loose fun look. Layrite allows for that 10-minute shower and a 5-minute hairstyle. It’s somewhat of a more natural look that is low maintenance. The product is flexible, lightweight and water-soluble. 

A few tips for using Layrite and a simple rule of thumb, 1 dab for shorter hair or two dabs for longer hair. Evenly distribute the product into your hair and use your hands to style your hair. You’ll be able to see what a little bit of product can do. Perfect for that fast-paced lifestyle and highly recommended for every dapper man.

When touching on the subject of beards, Joseph is a strong advocate of Proraso products. The quality of these products is second to none. They’re of a professional quality, are rich in natural vegetable extracts, are without artificial colours and are dermatologically tested. The raw materials used are always of the best quality so that the performance and characteristics of the products remain unaltered.

Joseph’s 8 rules for a perfect shave 

  1. The best time to shave is in the morning as your skin is more relaxed which will allow the blades to move better.
  2.  Apply pre-shaving cream by carefully massaging it into the skin in circular motions. This will soften and straighten the hair. It will protect the skin and doesn’t make the skin greasy. 
  3. Prepare the beard with a damp cloth. This will open the pore and hydrate the skin. 
  4. Dampen the brush in hot water and add the saving soap. Apply on the face in a circular motion to produce a rich lather. 
  5.  Use a razor as it is more efficient. Rinse the blade in hot water at least once every two swipes of the razor. 
  6. Shave following the line of your hair growth and do not apply too much pressure. 
  7. Always keep the skin pulled tight. This will ensure the skin will be smoother and the shave will last longer. 
  8. Finish with an aftershave balm for sensitive skin. It will hydrate and soothe the skin. The skin will remain revived and soft. 

The barbers at Off Chops Barber not only possess a wealth of knowledge in haircuts and beards. They are Might and Mane trained. For those who are not familiar, Might and Mane-trained barbers are skilled in safe conversations about mental health and about existing help services they can refer clients onto. The Barbers aren’t psychologists, they’re regular people encouraging empowered conversations and normalizing help-seeking behaviour. 

They are an awesome touchpoint for all gents. They aim to ensure that all Aussie men are checking in on their mental health as regularly as their haircut. The great thing is, that these barbers are trained in the safe conversation for life. Joseph’s caring nature and eccentric personality will always leave you in tears of joy. Off Chops Barbers offer a range of coffee or beer to spark any conversation and thrives off going that extra mile for all clients. 

Based on research, barbers see roughly 16 clients a day, five days a week. Therefore, if 20 barbers are trained, that means they can reach around 8000 Aussie blokes a year. If they get their haircut 10 times a year – that’s 80,000 opportunities for empowered conversations. Changing the lives of others one step at a time. Sounds like a pretty good reason to cut off those dead ends and not just the ones on your head!

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