Bringing to Light the Secrets of Stanley

95 events across 14 venues supported by the City of Sydney and Pride Amplified

As we welcome yet another Pride celebration in Sydney, it is a long-awaited event for
everyone in the city. Time and again, history has evolved as new concepts arise, breaking old
ones and paving the way for global growth. The psyche of the LGBTQIA+ community is a
fascinating concept that most people fail to understand. It’s like combining a man and a woman in one body. Although their manifestations are different, the concept remains the same.

This is why they are influential in so many ways, and indeed, they are a happy bunch.
Join us as Sydney celebrates World Pride 2023 between February 17 and March 18, with
multiple venues offering festivities and culture for one of the most celebrated communities that have contributed so much to our existence. You can discover more about your inner psyche by trying the “secret” menus of each of the fourteen participating venues and 95 parties and performances.

In addition, you can celebrate your Mardi Gras with multiple locations offering secret
menus for you to discover more about yourself. There are majestic DJ line-ups that will
mesmerize you, cooking classes to expand your horizons, the ever-so-esoteric Margarita
Festival, and other bespoke activities that will open your minds to new concepts that you have
never ventured deeply before.

With so much to discover and so little time, it’s time to do more in leaps and bounds as
Secrets on Stanley empowers you to do. Sydney’s Pride celebration is more than just a festival; it’s an opportunity to celebrate diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. It’s a time to unite and honor the LGBTQIA+ community and embrace the progress that has been made while continuing to strive for more. So, let’s come together and celebrate World Pride 2023 in Sydney!

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