Behind The Suit: Interview With Samuel Diamond

With Dappertude being around for a few years, we have met a vast amount of amazing people who we have worked or even looked up to.

This new feature “Behind the suit” is a new monthly segment where we interview tailors, stylists and fashionistas not only about their advice on style but for you to get to know them on a more personal level.

This month’s interview is with our good friend, Samuel Diamond of Samuel Diamond Tailors.

Full name: 
Samuel Issac Diamond
Menswear Designer
I run my own business: Samuel Diamond Tailors – Collins St. I’m Melbourne born and bred. Other than my passion for menswear, my favourite things to do include surfing, fishing, dining, travel and music.
What do you love about your occupation? 
I never view my occupation as ‘selling suits’, but rather as a feeling. It might sound a little corny, but I do mean it.
Some guys who come to me might not have much confidence or they don’t see themselves as stylish men. But in the final fitting when they look in the mirror and see the best version of themselves staring back, at that moment, that feeling is what I love the most about my job.
What made you start your own business and what were you doing before that?
I studied Journalism and Law at university and worked previously as a corporate lawyer at Minter Ellison Lawyers, which I didn’t love. After a few years of working in the funds management industry, I realised that the finance sector was also not for me. Everyone seemed to only care about money and it didn’t give me any purpose.
In 2015 I took a holiday to Italy and that’s when everything changed. I was blown away by the men’s style in Milan and Florence. The Italian men had confidence, individuality and style like I had never seen before. I loved it. It sparked an interest and passion for menswear.
Around the same time, Instagram was taking off and I decided to start a menswear blog (@dapper_melbourne_man) which gained some traction. I had some custom suits done and fell in love with the experience and the process of made-to-measure suiting. I also did collaborations with Paul Smith and GQ Australia around this time.
As interest in me increased, I was approached by a guy I went to school with (Brian Huynh) who had his own label and we started doing some MTM tailoring together. After 6 months of learning with him and doing a few weddings, I realised that I wanted to have my own label.
I launched Samuel Diamond Tailors in September 2017 and made it my full-time job a year later.
What’s your favourite suit and why? 
This is a tough question! I have so many. My favourite suit is my tobacco Irish linen SD suit in Dugdale Bros UK fabric. Always get a lot of nice comments. I love it because of the colour, texture of the Iinen, versatility (can be a blazer or separate trousers easily) and the fit and design.
What type of suit and material would you wear on your wedding and why? 
This is a great question! I would wear at least 2 outfits for my wedding.
The first would be a three-piece suit of some description in VBC fabric for the ceremony with a hand-made Cordone tie.
The second would be a black dinner suit, cocktail shirt and bow tie for the reception. With a velvet smoking jacket to come out in the evening in an unusual colour in Dugdale Bros fabric most likely.
There would likely be a third outfit for the party the following day, possibly a linen kit. I can’t say too much more, but you may find out in the near future.
What’s your weekend outfit like?
 Believe it or not, I usually wear Vans sneakers, Dickies trousers, a button-down shirt or plain white T, a Ralph Lauren denim safari jacket and always sunglasses. I often work over the weekend, so you’re just as likely to find me in a double-breasted suit too.
Besides dressing well, what other aspects should a gentleman have?
 Manners. They don’t cost anything and will get you very far in life.
Who are the people that motivate you in your life? 
Number 1 is my parents. Dad’s family values, organisation skills, and intelligence are something I greatly admire. His business sense is also brilliant and I have learned so much from him.
Mum, of course, is equally there because of her love and devotion, social intelligence, humour and sense of care.
They’ve both come from very humble beginnings. Dad’s family were Jewish holocaust survivors who came to Melbourne with nothing, and mum’s are Irish Catholic Aussie battlers.
They both worked hard and have a very successful life now living on Spring St, Melbourne. I admire them for their success and above all their unwavering love for each other and family.
What inspirational quote do you live by? 
There’s a great Winston Churchill quote: “Success in my mind, consists of going from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm”.
I love this quote because life has so many ups and downs. Sometimes the downs come in waves of two or three in a row and you think: ‘I can’t go on’. You must not only persist through these times, but you should do so without letting the negativity from it weigh you down.
I consider failing multiple times, not only to be inevitable but also the best way to learn. This quote is about the way you carry yourself through the tough times. It’s about the ability to bounce back stronger and smarter having learnt from past failures.
This quote represents one of the most fundamental values that I live by, which is resilience.
What’s your go-to dish when you are cooking at home?
I tend to do most of the cooking at home because I am the better cook (don’t tell my partner). Chicken Schnitzel, Salmon and Salad and Fettuccini Carbona are all in the rotation.
What’s your daily routine from when you wake up to before you go to bed?
First thing is coffee! Followed by breakfast, then gym session, take a shower and get changed.
I’ll then do some work at home, usually responding to emails, communicating with clients, liaising with my tailors and manufacturers and the like.
Then will grab another all-press coffee from my local cafe in North Melbourne before heading into my studio in Collins Street for appointments and fittings with my clients. These could be anytime between 11 am- 7 pm on a regular day.
Between the fittings, I usually drop off and pick up garments from my tailors. Then I might need to shoot some content in the afternoon, my friends Yach or Eric usually come and help with this.
During the evenings, if I’m not at an event, I do more work including submitting some orders, responding to more emails, book second fittings, communicating with my clients or media and putting up a post.
Then watch a movie or MAFs with my partner and have dinner.
A couple of wines and a few other things and then bedtime around 11 pm.
Favourite whisky, Vino or Beer and why? 
Whiskey: Talisker – smokey, sharp and delightful.
Wine: Oyster Bay Sav Blanc – this is my go drink these days. I would say Penfolds Grange for something special though.
Beer: Italian Peroni – This is the best! Make sure it’s imported from Italia and has a red label – NOT the green Peroni!
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