Fashion Stylist Masterclass By Jeff Lack

You take your friend shopping and pick a few outfits for them, dress them in clothes which are not their style but your own, give them a list of shops which they can visit and voila, you may think that you are a fashion stylist.

We are pretty sure to become a fashion stylist is more than merely dressing a mate and watching a few webinars online and even so to turn this hobby/ interest into a paid gig, it will take years of hard work and training. Without the right mentorship and training, it will be hard and to be the best stylist or at least up on the top you need to be trained and mentored by the BEST.  Luckily, our good friend, Jeff Lack, has put together an introduction to the fashion styling industry masterclass for those that, won’t just get your foot in the door but also push it wide open and elevate your personal brand to the next level as a stylist.

For those who don’t know Jeff, his been in the fashion game for over 30 years., his credentials include being a personal stylist, content creator, media commentator and keynote speaker at various fashion events. Kickstarting his career at just 17, firstly in retailing and setting up boutiques, designing surf wear as well as modelling; Jeff established his own personal styling consultancy in 2005.

Jeff provides expert advice through his unique Fit Colour Style (FCS) system to enhance the best features based on individual personality and style. He thrives in helping clients to perfect their personal brand and teaches them how to make smart clothing choices for long-term style and wearability.

We definitely know that Jeff is an expert in the field, so if you

Are you a stylist assistant?

Are you styling part-time and wish to go full-time?

Are you working in fashion retail and want to go freelance?

Are you new to the industry and want to be guided by an experienced mentor?

Are you unsure what type of styling suits your skill set best?

Want to get paid to do what you love?

You will learn what part of the styling industry suits you best, what your unique selling proposition is, how to pitch, how to decipher a brief, how to market your brand, how to set your fee structure, how to build your network and team, how to win business.

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