Celebrate The Lunar New In Style – Brooks Brothers

Have you ever experienced a time when you saw someone walking around and you thought “wow, that’s a cool outfit”? 

I’m sure many of us experienced this every now and then but say no more: Dappertude, in partnership with Brooks Brothers, is here to help you be that individual with the new Limited-Edition Year of the Rat collection. 

A brand like Brooks Brothers certainly needs no introduction. With more than 200 years of history under their belt, the label has been spreading their preppy yet sophisticated look all over the world, becoming firmly one of the best bang-for-your-buck brands for high-quality staples. 

The zodiac-inspired collection is definitely something a bit more different compared to the usual brand’s selection, yet it still feels like being extremely versatile and fun. Think about something that you love, it can be a dish or your favourite overcoat. Then add a little bit of a twist to it and you’ll be able to encapsulate the idea of this collection. 

All the colours available, from the variety of shades of red to the classic charcoals and navy, would work perfectly with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. 

Say you’re the kind of guy who wants to play it safe and you enjoy the classic staple: you can go for the Charcoal polo, cool and easy to wear; pair it with some dark denim and a pair of low-tops and you’re good to go for a Friday night with your mates! Feeling a bit more adventurous? Opt for a Woolen Navy Crewneck and play with the contrasting colour by pairing it with cream trousers and some brown loafers, a look that will elevate you from beers with the boys to date night.

The Brooks Brother Chinese New Year collection is already available in stores or online. Drop by their Martin Place store and even enjoy a game of pool upstairs.

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