Taco Tuesdays? Why Not – Rocker Bondi

Since 2017, Rocker is a restaurant resting on the hill of North Bondi, overseeing the beautiful water, it is your neighbourhood café, restaurant and bar. The restaurant is open all day, and we had the pleasure of experiencing their new Taco Tuesday, which starts at 4 pm, featuring a Rocker twist on classic Mexican cuisine alongside fantastic and unique cocktails.

Entering Rocker from the hillside was quite a nice experience, you have a lovely view of Bondi beach, and the exterior of the restaurant compliments it perfectly. We were immediately welcomed by the staff, and Liam looked after us for the night. We started with their snacks, Sydney rock oysters alongside corn chips with various dips, lightly spiced, the snacks were a perfect introduction to their Taco Tuesday night. 

Now onto the Tacos, they serve fish, lamb, beef and charred cauliflower. The portions were perfect, not too light nor heavy, and packed with flavour. Rocker loves to add an unusual ingredient to their tacos, a lightly charred pineapple, which keeps the taco quite fresh, yet is not too overpowering. The fish is lightly battered, which is perfect for a beachside meal, reminiscent of a classic fish and chips. Our favourite taco was surprisingly the charred cauliflower, it is light, and refreshing for an afternoon or dinner meal. Rocker’s sides are to die for, their fried corn ribs just melt in your mouth, and pack a nice crunch. The spiced fries make a fantastic compliment to the tacos, they are lightly spiced and fit perfectly with the Mexican cuisine. 

Overall, Rocker in Bondi is a restaurant you need to have on your radar, whether you are enjoying the beach and you need a nice meal to finish your day, or you want to enjoy some delicious tacos. We will be heading back there, and we would love to see you there too.

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