Get Ready Melbourne for The Dappertude Seminar

Educate. Inspire. Network. Three words that all dapper men need to be familiar with. Come this April Dappertude will be hosting the second The Dappertude – a seminar for like-minded dapper gents to educate themselves, become inspired, and network.

Travel inside the venue to the showcasing area where there will be a grandiose array of both start-ups as well as established brands. Be sure to visit Calvin Klein watches for their latest range and also other local brands. Here you’ll also be able to see the people behind the brands and find what makes their world tick.

Soon into the event will come the education portion where our guest speakers will be providing key insights into how to shape the modern dapperman. George & King will be providing a master class in tailoring, not only sharing tips on how to make you look great but also the upcoming trends in the tailoring world. GentSac will be educating the modern dapperman on how to not only take care of the skin but also make it one of their highlight features. Finally, Dappertude will give a talk on the mentality of accessorising – a psychological insight into the importance of accessorising.

Not only will The Dappertude be an extraordinary opportunity to meet local and international brands but also meet some of your favourite men’s fashion Instagrammers. Become inspired by first participating in a photo shoot on the streets of Melbourne. Then later in the day hear from the social media greats stevetillystyletheyounggentTri.edition as they open up about what inspires them to take that extra step.

If you are still unsure of attendance simply look towards our prize pool exceeding $2000 worth of prizes just for you to win. With a raffle ticket on entry as well as a goodie bag, you will not be leaving empty-handed. And if you become parched during the seminar there is an open bar for all your drinking concerns as well as platter food throughout to curb your appetite.

Do not miss The Dappertude Seminar, Melbourne’s number one men’s fashion event of the year. Join us to Educate, Inspire, and Network at Collins Quarter this April.

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The Importance of Accessorising

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