The Importance of Accessorising

One major change in the modern dapper gentleman and how he dresses is the newfound acceptance and prevalence of men accessorizing. No longer reserved for ultra-cool celebrities, the modern dapper is now to not leave the house without at least something to make your outfit pop. And there’s no better time to start trying out new accessories to bring the right kind of attention to your outfits with more and more fashion labels bringing out men’s fashion accessories.

As cultural shifts are changing in the fashion scene more and more men are exposed to accessorizing yet are still questioning, what’s the point?


The biggest boost behind adding a few little details to your everyday wear is that you can showcase just a hint of your personality even if you have conservative dress codes.

Many accountants and executives are left to stay conservative with the standard navy or grey suit, therefore, washing out with everyone else. If you’re a fan of colour an easy way to brighten up your outfit is a colourful pocket square that will boost you out of the crowd, or if you want to show more of your interests and personality try a pocket square.


Better yet every individual piece you put in your outfit becomes a new talking point, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who comment on a simple wristwatch


One of the big new moves forward in this cultural fashion shift is the acceptance of men wearing wristbands or bracelets. Previously relegated to showing off you went to the last EDM festival, a dapper man’s wrist now is the perfect place to show off some of your own personal flairs.


Use your wristwear to show your travel history, a leather band with a shark tooth from Hawaii or a jade bracelet from a business trip to Shanghai. Just be sure not to overdo it with the number of ornaments on your wrist, limit yourself to only two per hand and try to keep clashes from occurring. Bracelets from Abello Man are shown below

Your accessorising does not have to be purely aesthetic it can be truly functional as well. A watch is the perfect wrist piece to wear on any occasion and keeps you from staring at your phone every two minutes to see whether the board meeting is over yet. If you’re wearing a watch for the first time try a simple dive watch, as they’re the most versatile and suitable with almost any outfit.

Do not forget during the harsh summer to protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses, and be sure they match your face and outfit. One of the biggest turnaround trends at the moment is the resurgence of broad-brimmed hats. Keep the sun off your face and look stylish with a sleek and simple hat in a dark shade

Accessorising is a gradual thing; don’t feel as though you have to have every possible accessory on at once.

Take things slowly start off with something simple like a pocket square or tie bar and then as you grow confidence and interest try adding a few new items here and there.

Soon you’ll find your old everyday suiting outfit is more stylish than you would have ever thought.

Choosing the right accessories should enhance your outfit and your personal style, they shouldn’t overpower it. What’s too much? It’s a lot to do with confidence and your own perception.

The man who’s worn three rings on each hand his whole life won’t take much adjusting to starting wearing a fourth but the man who’s never worn a ring before might be more hesitant. So it’s all about finding where you’re comfortable. But as a general rule less is more as each accessory will stand out greater on its own.

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Get Ready Melbourne for The Dappertude Seminar


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