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Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. From time to time we all sit and ponder, scratching our beards, biting our nails wondering where our life could be. Emotions start to overwhelm us as we ask ourselves, what is our purpose? Dappertude with open arms and eager ears loves hearing about how big brands now have come from humble beginnings. No doubt of course always in impeccable style. Not one crystal ball insight to foresee the future, only a glimmer of light. 

One of many stories Dappertude is intrigued and inspired by is The Daily Edited (TDE), simple yet sophisticated. TDE was launched in 2014 by Alyce Tran and Tania Liu. What started as a hobby with help from the internet transformed the duo into fashion moguls. They ditched law to stitch leather and A(MEN) are we glad they did? How one dresses is an expression and identity of oneself. TDE was able to handsomely marry these two aspects of fashion and style. Crafted are products that announce the presence of form and function. 

The simplicity in the designs of TDE products is to ensure space for personalisation at an affordable price. There are three different handwriting styles: brush lettering, thin cursive or your own handwriting, and add symbols or logos. Your imagination is the only limitation! As we transition into Autumn, we wear more and carry less. Sometimes less is more and a dapperman can still make bold statements with less. Noted are some of the leather goods Dappertude selected, essential for every man.

]The Midnight Navy A5 Compendium

Made from saffiano leather it’s durable and fashions luxe gold hardware. The cross-hatch finish from the saffiano leather compliments the subtle lines that appear in the blazer. A perfect pairing with a button-up black long sleeve shirt, black trouser pants, faint grey double-breasted linen blazer and a Panama hat to complete this ultra dapper look. With 4 x card holder slots you have the more than enough space for a license, cc and business cards. 

The compendium is compact enough to fit a pen holder, and notepad for all important details and has a sleek hidden hand strap. Nifty, no more creases on your blazer from shoulder straps attached to the heavy laptop bag you usually carry to all those crazy back-to-back meetings. It will also save you from those ungodly sweat patches and you can g’day mate with confidence. 

Ink Navy Cardholder 

Practicality made to a tee. The outer made from saffiano leather for durability and to keep the form stabilized as its very frequently placed in the back pocket and crushed with all our body weight. The inside is lined with fabric to ensure ease of removing and inserting cards. It features 3 card slots (2 side slots & 1 larger middle compartment) angled edging detail. 3’s a crowd but it’s still small enough to fit in the blazer pocket. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Khaki iPhone Case 

Males = roughness but TDE’s saffiano leather backing iPhone case has some features that have got you covered (mostly anyways). Cleverly fitted rubber edges for protection and slim fitting for suit pants pockets or inside pockets in blazers. Limited edition colour palettes against the cross-hatch is perfection and are suited to any outfit.

Ink Black A5 Notebook 

We’ve got 99 problems but a notebook ain’t one. A Dapper addition to any desk and conveniently there are 55 lined pages (face it you’re a messy writer). Luxe gold edging and silk ribbon for place holding for that touch of finesse. The outer shell replicates the cross-hatch texture of the saffiano leather. It allows the notebook to maintain lightweight without compromising durability and aesthetics. Classic and timeless just like all you gents, pair it with a textured dark fabric suit, crisp white shirt and that oddball of a pocket square you never dared wear.

Black Repeated Knot Keyring 

A bit of a tosser but like nice things? This keyring is made from saffiano leather but is definitely made for you. Circular shaped with an easy clip in gold hardware to complement the black leather and loud enough for you to see that ‘HEY HERE’S YOUR KEYS’. Have them personalised for that dapper touch!

Whose keen to win some The Daily Edited products with personalised monogramming on them?

Well, we have teamed up with them to giveaway a bunch of products.

Good luck to all who enter

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