The Perfect Accessory – The Pacifico Optical Carter Frames

We tend to find modern fashion adapting itself to trends. But for the sartorialists and the dapper gentlemen out there (including our fathers), it’s an adamant statement to say the least, that we like to stay classic, yet contemporary through our style. Although it’s not only our clothing and apparel that showcase this, but through the abundant use of accessories, and sometimes the lack of accessories. For us, sunglasses are a crucial part of the arsenal of accessories, allowing us to elevate our style onto another level, with depth and character. 

Invented in 1929, sunglasses were made more important by the day. Through the evolution of frames, the 50’s and 60’s generated a Panto frame shape, reminiscent of a casual and chic summer look. With Spring and Summer around the corner, there’s no better time to get your hands on a pair for your father this up-and-coming Father’s Day! 

Originating in Bondi, Pacifico Optical has upheld their design mantra from the introduction of the brand in 2011, to create elegant shapes, subtle slopes, earthy textures, and natural tones. Pacifico Optical’s design has been influenced by nature, and the senses encompassed around Bondi – from the sandstone cliffs to the saltwater sprays. Their inspiration from Bondi, as well as classicism and vintage, brought the idea of the Carter frame. The Carter combines stainless steel designs with acetate, to create the perfect sunglass for the contemporary gentleman. Pacifico Optical has released two new colour shades of these popular frames, an Amalfi Blue shade, and Champagne. These frames are perfect to create that casual and chic look you or your father are after. The Amalfi Blue shade brings out a natural saltwater spray tone –  a light blue frame contrasting with the darker lens, perfect for the subtle summer look. And for the gentlemen who love to stand out of the crowd a bit more, the Champagne frames are for you. Featuring a green lens tone, these glasses bring out the inner sartorialist in you.

These new shades also make part of the ‘Made to Order’ range for Pacifico Optical. This is to ensure that the company aren’t mass producing at an unnecessary scale, making your purchase much more personal with the brand. Shop the Pacifico Optical frames to make for the perfect Father’s Day gift here.

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