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What a wonderful time to be alive. We live in a time where we no longer need to break the rules of fashion. We embrace and celebrate diversity and everything the world has to offer. Change is inevitable and change is what drives us into the future.

Remo Ruffini (CEO of Moncler) envisioned a world with every colour in the rainbow and reinvented the Moncler communication and business model. The model celebrates the diversity of the contemporary customer in the digital era and from this, the range Moncler Genius was born.

Moncler Genius is a creative hub promoting the energy that comes from a mix of different cultures: it’s a vision beyond borders of season, age and taste, talking to all generations of customers throught a product rooted in Moncler’s unique heritage and values.

Hiroshi Fujiwara is the 7th artist to design a Moncler Genius collection – Fragment. Fujiwara was born in Ise and moved to Tokyo at eighteen. He became a standout in the Harajuku street fashion scene. In the early 1980’s he took a trip to New York City and became inspired by the American hip-hop genre. Taking a few records back to Tokyo and giving things a spin he became one of Japan’s first hip hop DJs, and is credited with popularizing the genre in Japan.

A cold breeze has already made its way to our half of the earth and burns just ever so slightly when brushed across our face.  Winter is inevitably here. For our chilly months ahead and as a tribute to the Moncler genius collection, the Dappertude team have decided to venture on quite an explorative fashion path. We stepped outside our comfort zone, put our toes in the freezing water and picked pieces that still express and represent our fashion voice.

The selection of pieces revolves around the theme of the World Tour, drawing on both ideas of travel and music, thus fusing different references in seamless ways. The items are simple but have been tweaked in subtle ways. It becomes a little game of spotting the difference. The designs are clever and fun. 

This season Fujiwara hid relevant technical features such as extreme lightness and functional pack-ability behind a series of blazers, parkas, shirts and assorted metropolitan basics. Fabrics are light, and as such meant to perform well for life in motion. Stripes, intarsia and a mix of neutrals, blacks and brights creating a vibrant polished urban look.

Pair this classic washed cotton check with neutral-tone trousers and a navy trench for a loud yet hidden statement outfit. The shirt features a 4-hole buttons placket closure and a patch chest pocket. The Moncler Fragment logo print stands out in white on the chest and the back. The shirt is a slightly wide fit and is of medium length.

This look showcases one of our favourite outerwear pieces from this collection. The technical cotton gabardine chester coat is beautifully finished with a velvet shirt collar. The coat is an unquilted garment and features a 4-hole button-front closure with double pockets. It also has a 4-hole button tab cuffs tab collar closure.

Tonal embroidered Moncler logo and the Moncler FRAGMENT collection code are on the left sleeve. This coat is long in length, slightly relaxed fit and is handsomely paired with the eighteen-gauge plain knit cotton crewneck. Let’s not forget about those crème de la crème penny loafers with tassles that marry this effortless look together.

Like all things, we’ve saved the best for last. Currently obsessed with Moncler’s eye-opening plaid blazers that come in two variations of striking red or road-stopping yellow. Get crazy, let loose and own these looks if they tickle your fancy. Be bold like Hiroshi and pair these blazers with matching colours or remix them with contrasting colours. There are no rules or boundaries with where you can go with this collection. Keep your eyes peeled as a new Moncler Genius collection drops every month, we can’t wait to preview what comes next!

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