Hoodie’d You Think Created Hoodies? – Champion

One of the long-standing sportswear apparel companies, Champion has built champions for the longest time providing classy but comfy sports apparel.

From creating standard sportswear to specialized sportswear like the first cotton jersey, Champion has long been in the sports apparel industry for over a century (1919) long before the giants Nike and Addidas existed!

They have spearheaded technology and created the first sweat with hoodie which is now known as “Hoodies” which you can find in most of the apparel stores all over the world. Who knew!

Creating the reverse weave technology, Champion was the first to propose a viable solution to shrinkage problems. People would buy 1-2 sizes bigger factoring in shrinkage after the first few washes. It wasn’t the ideal or smart way to sell clothes. With the reverse weave technology, shrinkage became a thing of the past and Champion ultimately revolutionizing the sports apparel industry.

Soon after, they started using the technology in most, if not all the sports apparel they manufactured liked crews, track pants, joggers, shorts, and tees.

Their hoodies became so famous for the design and technology that later on, hoodies became an integral wear in colleges and universities. I know you know this.

So, aside from the reverse weave technology, what else are they famous for? Well, they also developed the double layered hood, hand warmer kanga pockets durable double-needle construction and signature stretch side panels.
We support the Global Reverse Weave month and salute Champion!

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