Tips on How to Allure by Founder of Goldfield & Banks Australia

Presenting yourself in a stylish and dapper manner is about more than just cultivating an appealing look; you also have to make sure your smell is just as aesthetically pleasing. We have all been there, you are in a meeting, in an elevator, or just having lunch, and the person next to you makes you test how long you can hold your breath. 

To help you out we have enlisted the help of Dimitri Weber, Founder of Goldfield & Banks Australia.

For those who are not sure, let us give you a short intro to the Goldfield & Banks story, it actually begins on the other side of the world when Dimitri Weber – like so many voyagers before him – set out on a journey to discover the curious, enigmatic land that lay far beyond the horizon. Falling in love with Australia’s dramatic, contrasting landscapes, Dimitri set out to capture this extraordinary beauty and share it with the world.

That sense of discovery is the essence of Goldfield & Banks Australia. This luxury perfume celebrates the unrelenting spirit of Australia, from the pristine beaches of the southern coastline to the endless red dirt plains of the desert heartland

The first step to buying the correct fragrance is going to the store and trying scents before you purchase. Put a spritz on your skin and your shirt and then go get some fresh air before coming back in to try the next scent so your senses are refreshed. 

These days many brands offer free samples to purchase online in case you do not want to go out.

When considering the right scent for you, much like when choosing attire, you have to consider the purpose behind the purchase. If you are wanting to allure a special someone, then you will want to choose a more sensual fragrance, full of spice and aromatics. If you are wanting to be reminded of your unique essences every time you walk into a room, then go for something unique, something that suits your personal style, for a unique sophisticated fragrance try the Blue Cypress from Goldfield & Banks.

However, sometimes we are purchasing for someone else. When you are buying for someone else, make sure you know them; their likes and dislikes, and whether they would want a strong or more subtle scent. Most good assistants will be able to help you pick the best option according to his/her personality, that way you will be able to provide a scent for them that matches their style as well as be unique and of course wonderfully fragrant.

Your scent is just as vital to your persona as your favourite watch or themed pocket square, so take care in choosing the right scent for you. In the same way, the smell of pizza gets your tastebuds going, the scent you wear every day will shape the image those around you form about you.

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*Limit 1 use per person and strictly on 100ml Perfume Concentrate and NOT on the samples of 2mL

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