The importance of luggage for a gentleman’s suit and accessories

2018 is almost coming to an end… Yes, that’s right, Nye is just around the corner. Get your best suit ready and your party hats on. What an eventful year it’s been at Dappertude headquarters, we’re ready to take on the holiday season and in style of course!

Let’s say goodbye to 2018 and to all the wrinkles and crinkles in our suits. Eat well, dress well and travel often. On more than one occasion we’ve all secretly done the embarrassing walk of shame, with our suits still in the dry cleaning plastic. 

It’s a sight for sore eyes and terrible for the environment. The founders at Sojourne have heard our cry for help and answered our prayers. Take a sneak peek into their drool-worthy ultimate luggage collection – The Expedite-Him Men’s Luggage Set

In Australia, it’s the season of spring and in the fashion world, this means being prepared for an influx of natural fibered suits. Natural fibres notoriously crease in the blink of an eye and any stains will be harder to remove. 

At first glance, our eyes become fixated on the sophisticated garment carrier. Designed with a Saffiano PU for the outer and the trim, this bad boy was made to last and will protect your suit from sunshine or rain. 

It features a double zip opening for ease and is finished with luxurious gold brass hardware. A metal hanger fastening secures your garment in an upright position and minimizes any chances of wrinkling. 

Sojourne’s collection is a masterpiece and essential for any jet-setter. Streamlining aesthetics to function, the garment bag showcases its attention to small details such as a reversible shoulder strap, signature blue lining, two inner zip pockets for storage (perfect for ties and pocket squares) and trim in contrasting colours. 

Did we mention it’s vegan-friendly? If you weren’t already amazed, here comes the orange peel for that old-fashioned. Make any of their products your own with a touch of personalization. Who doesn’t like a subtle initial or two?

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